Brand Protection

1. Angel Policy
2. Reporting Brand and Product Violations


We are delighted that our fans very much enjoy producing a wide range of projects using our various craft products and components and are inspired by our collections, on a hobby basis. We love to see all your wonderful ‘makes’. Unfortunately, however, we cannot grant the rights for individuals to create and produce products to be sold commercially, as this then becomes a conflict of rights with third party companies who hold a license with us to permit such use.

Please find below details of the specific policies for use of the Paper crafts and Quilting Fabrics:


  • Hand-made cards / projects to be sold via Craft Fairs or for charitable purposes etc may be made and sold with an annual capped allowance of 500 units per annum.

  • The limitation is that any handmade projects (including cards and stamped designs) may not be sold at any permanent retail locations, NOR may they be sold via any online retail destinations for instance on Ebay, Etsy or such like.


  • Please note that the Santoro fabric range has been designed as a collection for quilting.

  • The fabrics are for customers to make various projects which are for personal use only.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to grant the rights for products to be made / sold on a commercial scale, which would otherwise conflict with other licensed rights which have been granted.

  • If you are interested in obtaining a license to produce Santoro products on a Commercial scale, please contact our Licensing team at  

  • Please note that our license agreements are issued to select companies on a commercial scale, and in exchange for guaranteed financial returns over a period of time, and a commitment to many terms and conditions within a legally binding document.



  • At SANTORO we vigilantly protect our Intellectual Property rights, and take decisive action against those who use our name, brand and artwork to deceive our fans into buying counterfeit goods.

  • Our Legal team are constantly working to remove these counterfeit products from the market place and to identify & address the sources.      
  • The information our customers and partners provide on any counterfeits they find is invaluable to these efforts, and so we’re asking all of our fans, customers, partners and contacts to be vigilant, and report any suspicious products they find to our Legal team.

  • If you discover any websites, markets, stalls, shops, auctions pages or any other stores selling products which appear to be counterfeit, please send the details to Legal team at

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support.